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Toilet CleanOct. 2016 - Controlling Restroom Odors

Products designed for the restroom target the source of foul smells

No one wants to walk into a public restroom and be assaulted with an unpleasant odor. And the last thing facility cleaning managers want is for restroom users to associate disagreeable odors with uncleanliness. This could lead to a negative overall impression of the facility.

But short of reinvigorating the air quality after each patron’s restroom usage, how can facility managers keep the bathroom smelling fresh in between cleanings? The answer is to get as close to the source as possible and stop it from spreading.

Often, lingering odors are based in restroom stalls. To contain these smells, some manufacturers have begun offering product solutions in the form of air fresheners connected to the tissue dispenser or stall doors, cleaning pods for urinals and disposals for feminine products.

One of the most common reason for restroom dissatisfaction, according to research, is odor, and roughly 45 percent of calls to facility managers are restroom-related.

The reality is, a washroom can send a very big signal in how hygienic a facility is.

With most restroom odors emanating from the stalls, there is a growing demand from patrons looking for control. To meet this need,  ActiveAir Powered Odor-neutralizing Air Freshener Dispenser are recommended.

The product is essentially an air freshening system dispenser. It is motion activated, and produces a burst of freshly scented air in a variety of scents from “light” to “bold.” But so as not to be overpowering and overwhelm a small stall space, that there are built-in limits for the number of times in a row the system can be dispensed.

Facility cleaning managers try to create a certain experience, A lot has to do with goals of that facility, what image managers are trying to convey, and how challenging the odor problem is.

Also, whether or not managers choose to install separate odor control products may depend on the size of the restroom and the goals of that manager.

Within their lifetime, the average person will spend roughly 400 days in the restroom. Making those days more pleasant will improve public perception of a facility!

Contact Sensational Touch Today, to discuss the sanitation of your facility and our variety of Jan/San Products! " Lets us Change how people fill about your facility.

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Sept. 2016 - Infection Control: Preventing the Unexpected

In light of the revelation that this year's flu vaccine was–depending on the source–only 11 to 20 percent effective, it's not surprising that 2015 saw the disease spread throughout the country, resulting in epidemics in more than 25 states. With such sobering statistics in mind, it is vital that building service contractors, cleaning professionals and distributors reinforce the role of infection control in schools, medical settings and office buildings. Let Sensational Touch help you to take preventative sanitation measures in fighting and establishing the sanitation you need in your facility.

Contact us for a free consultation and walk thru of your facility, and get a quote for our building maintenance services.

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Cleaning FloorsApril 2016 - Prepping Floors For Spring Cleaning

The weather is starting to or will improve soon, and, now that there won’t be so much dirt and debris getting tracked in from the outside, it makes sense to do some deep cleaning in facilities. That’s what spring cleaning has always been about, right?
To tackle spring cleaning in commercial facilities, facility management services providers, SENSATIONAL TOUCH JANITORIAL  recommends looking down to the floor. You know you need to regularly clean the floors, but you may not realize how important deep “Spring Cleaning” can be for your business.
There are many ways that clean floors impact your employees, customers and vendors. Here are three of them:
1. Accident Prevention: While your floors are getting their Spring cleaning, you may find areas that need maintenance or repair, such as tiles that are lifting, torn or rippled carpets, or broken pieces that could come out. All of these pose safety risks that should be addressed…and could go unnoticed without the extra attention paid during a deep Spring cleaning.
2. Extend Floor Life: Deep cleaning, restoration and/or sealing floors each Spring will extend floor life and thereby potentially save money in the long run.
3. Improve Your Image: We’ve all seen the difference between a clean floor and a restored floor. Wow, right? Have you ever thought about what messages your floors give? Clean floors go a long way in improving the aesthetic of your space.
Let’s not forget that clean floors enhance the overall health of your business by improving employee productivity, saving money, and improving your overall image to visitors. This is why, when you turn your thoughts to Spring cleaning your space, you need to remember to look down at your floors.

Let Sensational Touch give your facility that revitalized look for Spring!

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Commercial Restroom SanitationFebruary 2016 - Commercial Restroom Sanitation

Nobody wants to get sick, especially when it’s cold and flu season. That’s why facility cleaning managers should make sure the soap dispensers are filled and in proper working order. Properly maintained restrooms with sufficient soap supplies can go a long way to help prevent the spread of harmful germs that can make us sick.

Choosing soap that occupants want to use also makes a big difference in compliance rates. Bar soap has long since fallen out of favor, leaving most facilities choosing between liquid and foam varieties.  Healthcare environments where there are people with compromised immune systems. In those cases, antibacterial hand soap is a must, as is educating users that it takes 20 seconds of contact to be effective. Also, for antibacterial soaps without a built-in moisturizer, it’s smart to offer hand lotion next to or near every soap dispenser. To be most effective, place sanitizers strategically at high-touch points, workstations, and areas where there are large gaps between restrooms or hand washing stations.
Contact Sensational Touch Janitorial to improve your Restroom Sanitation and provide you with the necessary products to maintain your Facility. To keep your work place clean and productive.

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Workplace SafetyJanuary 2016 - Workplace Safety by the Numbers - What Are These Hazards Costing You?


  1. 3.6 million=Acres destroyed by wildfires last year.*
  2. $7.94 Billion=The cumulative cost of falls to facilities annually (the most-cited OSHA violation).**
  3. $3=The ROI to every $1 that workplaces invest in improving workplace safety.***
  4. $1000.00= In wages and productivity  per month in cold and Flu season, due to Improper Cleaning and Sanitation.***

Don’t fall victim to hazardous working conditions! Trust stjclean.com for everything you need to maintain your workplace safety plan.

Contact us today for a free assessment of your work place!
Sensational Touch Janitorial

*National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
** & ***Occupational Safety and Health Administration

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