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June 2015 - Preventing Summer Smells

The summer sun usually brings to mind fond memories. But for many facility owners, high temperatures and humidity can also be the cause of unpleasant odors that affect guest satisfaction and the bottom line. To help business owners combat smells, SENSATIONAL TOUCH JANITORIAL has  identified some of the top summertime odor offenders and tips to tackle them.

Customer satisfaction is strongly linked to perception of cleanliness. Facility owners can improve positive guest experiences by implementing cleaning programs and techniques that prevent and reduce odors, even during hot summer months.

Keep nostrils happy by addressing the following areas:

1.      Kitchens – Fats, oils, grease and food debris can accumulate in kitchen drain lines, causing rancid bacteria buildup. Use of a drain line maintainer along with drain inspections can prevent these issues and costly plumbing emergencies.

2.      Restrooms – During the busier summer season, offensive restroom odors, such as from bacteria buildup in clogged drains, can turn guests away. Today, customers can even access mobile apps that solicit feedback on poorly and well-maintained restrooms. Limit smells, complaints and poor reviews through frequent restroom cleaning and maintenance. Consider implementing air fresheners, urinal screens and restroom mats to stop odors at their source.

3.      Carpeted Areas – Without deep cleaning, carpeting in high traffic areas can harbor mildew, allergens and other smell-inducing bacteria that can be further perpetuated by humidity. Hire a certified carpet cleaning provider to remove contaminants embedded in carpet, extend its life and create a safer environment for those with asthma and allergies.

4.      Matted Areas – Entrances and other areas with floor mats, which capture liquids and dirt, can be a breeding ground for mildew and bacteria. Regularly cleaning  of matts can  keep smells away.

5.      Air Conditioning Units – During peak summer heat, air conditioning units are necessary to create cool and comfortable environments. If not maintained, AC units can accumulate dirt, mold and bacteria on coils, drain pans and filters, which cause odors. Avoid undesirable aromas, improve indoor air quality and reduce energy costs with coil cleaning services.

6.      Supply Closets – Cleaning tools like string mops can hold odors, and spread them throughout your business. Consider easy-to-use and efficient microfiber cloths, mops and dusters, which are proven to clean more effectively than traditional tools. Scheduled deliveries of clean microfiber tools and the removal of dirty ones will help ensure that there are no lingering unpleasant scents.

7.      Break Rooms – Proper daily cleaning of Breakroom areas and Trash removal, can eliminate lingering odors that can be left from a previous day’s work. Maintaining these areas will continue provide a healthy working environment for your staff, as well as improve your overall appearance and smell of your facility.

Contact us today for a Free evaluation of your facility and supply needs. “ Let us restore your facility to your expected standard.”

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Cleaning FloorsDecember 2015 -

Air-dryers.pngAir Dryers: High-Tech, Not Hygienic

Washing hands to prevent the spread of bacteria, infection, and cross-contamination has been a well-understood and effective practice for centuries. However, because bacteria is less likely to occur on dry hands than on wet hands, drying one's hands is nearly as important as washing them. Among the criteria of a statistical review were drying efficiency, removal of bacteria, and effect on cross-contamination.

The statistical difference between Air Dryers and Paper Towels is staggering. Drying hands with paper towels not only reduces the amount of germs on your fingertips but can prevent the circulation of germs caused by air dryers.

Please contact us Today for a quote on Janitorial Service and Supplies!



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May 2015 -

Spring-cleaning1.pngSPRINGTIME FRESHNESS

Spring may be in the air but that freshness doesn't always find its way into facilities. In order to maintain a comfortable temperature, most buildings today are closed and air is recirculated, which can lead to trapped odors and poor indoor air quality. But there are ways to combat that less-than-fresh air, and Sensational Touch Janitorial is a smart part of the solution. Through our 5 step ITEMS Program we can change the Freshness of your facility.

I - Investigation
T - Testing
E - Execution
M - Metered
S -  Sanitation

Give us a call today, to bring back the Freshness of your facility.

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RestRoomCleaning.pngMarch 2015 -

Cleaning and disinfecting a rest room correctly is crucial to the success of any custodial operation. Of all the areas in a building that can make or break a cleaning service, rest rooms are up there with front entrances, break rooms and the CEO's space. A bad first impression for a visitor or tenant can result in increased scrutiny as well as possible loss of the contract. Remember the first maxim that if a rest room smells dirty it is dirty. Use of the wrong tools or failing to train are key factors in determining the outcome of a rest room.

Remember to use the required PPE's (personal protective equipment) and make sure all are in working order. If you are not sure what PPE to use, check with the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) and/or your distributor. Failing to provide the correct equipment can result in not only injury but also possibly an OSHA fine.

Contact Sensational Touch Janitorial Today, to discuss the Sanitation level of your restrooms and facility, especially if you are in need of Greensboro janitorial services or a commercial cleaning in Greensboro.


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Commercial-Cleaning-News.pngFeb 2015 -

Does your cleaning company know the difference between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing?

Cleaning removes germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects. Cleaning works by using soap (or detergent) and water to physically remove germs from surfaces. This process does not necessarily kill germs, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection.

Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces or objects. Disinfecting works by using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces or objects. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.

Sanitizing lowers the number of germs on surfaces or objects to a safe level, as judged by public health standards or requirements. This process works by either cleaning or disinfecting surfaces or objects to lower the risk of spreading infection.




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